living the dream

Somebody in our house has a Laura Ingalls obsession. Ever since we read Little house In The Big Woods, two years ago, Yoda has created a bucket list of Laura-isms.

Today, we got to knock another one off of the list - or into the bucket - however it is you do that.


Thanks to the ever-so-accommodating Rabe family,  we took a trip out to the Big Woods (yeah Laura's big woods - though several miles east) and lived the dream.

After we assured her that we would not see any wolves, Yoda stepped up to the challenge to drill and tap two sugar maples, help collect the sap from 25 trees, watch the sap boiling down and even tuck in to a homemade lunch of pancakes and bacon with fresh maple syrup.  The weather was beautiful and even Rico got to enjoy the morning with us (though he left the lugging of heavy syrup buckets to us girls).

I think we only have two more Laura items left on the list, unless you count building an outhouse in our backyard - and I don't.