if, then, what, why

Last night was rough.

After a day of appointments, Rico was ambulanced from the Mayo Clinic to the ER for a suspected pulmonary embolism.

Good news, there was no clot.
Bad news- his chest and abdominal cavities are filling with fluid and nobody knows why.
Good news - they should be able to tap out the effusions.
Bad news - they haven't done anything yet.
More bad news - this complication could push the surgery out another three weeks.
The worst news seems to be that despite all of this NOTHING is happening. No no medicines, no procedures, no monitors, they didn't even remember the damn squeezy socks to prevent clots until I asked for them, and that was four hours ago!

All of their sentences start with "if". And they all end with "then, what or why".

Is it asking too much for something to start with "when" and end with "now"?

Come on guys DO something!

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Treats said…
I think if your three beautiful children stared the doctors down, they would start hopping. Hang in there.