this place

Where I want to be, is inside every room with him - holding his hand, kissing his head, just being together. But lest we both be MRI'd unnecessarily, I am relegated to the Mayo waiting room for hours. Which means I have lots of time to wander.

This place has a wine bar.
A wine bar.
Not that I'd use it. I'm much more inclined to drown my anxiety in an Ativan laced butterscotch latte - which is also an option with the Caribou coffee right next to the pharmacy.
There's a joke shop, a couture baby boutique, a florist, an old school men's shop where you can buy a dress shirt for just $96. There is a chocolate shop, a bagel joint, some kind of crazy old lady shop where you can buy a $300 rhinestone purse shaped like a lighthouse (or a fish or a piano - pick your poison). I've counted at least four grand pianos, a barber shop, and an underwear store. There's "scrub your butt soap company" and a place where you can buy your own jazzy scooter.

But I never wander for long. I know they'll bring him back to me soon, and he is the only thing in the world I want.

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Treats said…
I know most of these places you mention. Have you found the gelato shop? The popcorn shop in the bowels of the Kahler? Hang in there, my friend.
j said…
No popcorn or gelato shop yet, but I'm hoping the gelato is better than the banana pie.
Treats said…
First stop on your next forced time out from Rico's side-the bowels of the Kahler for popcorn or frozen yogurt. Can't quit thinking about you.