a good day

Yesterday was a long day.
It started at 7:30 and continued through a 10:30 pm grocery shopping experience and culminated with both girls, the dog and myself huddled in bed with insomnia until 12:30.

But that's OK - because today was fairly wonderful.

Rico gets to come home tomorrow. He gets a bit more independent each day.
Yoda took a trip to the zoo with one of her kindergarten friends - the first one she's seen all summer - and pet a tarantula.

Punk got a shout out from his boss at work for being the one counselor who keeps the kids having fun even when they have to do boring things like walk through the hall.
Kooka's ever-so-adorable boyfriend made her a belated birthday picnic lunch at the arb and gave her a gift of photos he's collected since they first met in 4th grade. (Yoda's future boyfriends - take note. Actually - Punk take note. This kid's setting the bar pretty high).
Scrappy got a haircut - and a chance to see Rico for the first time in over three weeks. I'm not sure who was more excited.

But there was just one part that was so perfect that Rico and I just sat in his room, with tears on our cheeks and no words between us.

I came home last night to a large wrapped gift. There was a card on top and it said, "From the kids to the adults - open together."

So today, I toted over to Rico's place so we could check it out.
The backstory on this gift is that whenever anyone in our family leaves home for an extended period of time, they take a little tin coffee can called "the box of love" with them. It has notes from our family, little trinkets from home - stuff like that.

The card attached to this big box said, "We know our lives have been so crazy lately, but we love you both so much, and we can't believe that even with all we're going through you still make sure we have everything we need, and are always here for us. You're the best - Yoda, Kooka, and Punk."

Basically we started crying right then, and said in tandem, "OMG, who cares what's in the box, that was the best present of all."

But it got better.

Inside were notes, letters, trinkets, things the kids had made to help us pass the time during doctor appointments. It was even more love.

More love was in that box.

Surely there must be a shortage of it somewhere, because it seems like we've been getting more than our fair share of it lately.


Naomi said…
As a childhood song says: "Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more." <3 So glad you are feeling the love!
Treats said…
So beautiful.
Lisa McDermott said…
Forget the boyfriend - I think your whole family is setting the bar awfully high!
Myrna CG Mibus said…
Serious question - where do you come up with cool ideas like for "the box of love"? Your imagination? Or are there some cool websites on cool ideas for family togetherness? Because I want more of what you all have with my family but need some help to come up with things and implement them.
j said…
Well, that one I just came up with. I don't know if we have any other cool ideas - but we've been doing that one for a while. All you need to do is gulp a box of General Mills International coffee - blast it with some spray paint - and you're all set for years to come. I also have a journal with both girls where we write to each other back and forth. Whenever we write we just drop it on the person's bed, and they keep it as long as they want. I offered it to Punk and he was like, "Do you think I'll write in it even once?" soooooooo that one was wash.
Tiffany Talbot said…
Your kids are just amazing as are you guys. I'm so glad Rico is in a bit of a positive direction. So much love for you guys and prayers that good things will happen from here on out! 💗