five days

The reconstructive surgeon couldn't make it back to see us today. The resident says he's in surgery. A surgery he can't talk about, but that we will certainly hear about on the news in a week. "It's big," he says. "Very big."

Right now everything big is in this room as far as I'm concerned.

There are four IV's dripping into him and another four taking things out.

Bed rest has been ordered for five days.


He can't sit still for five minutes - five days sounds impossible for him. At the same time, he doesn't look like he's ready to bolt down the hallway anytime soon. He does have a TV to keep him occupied and a little breathing apparatus, where he can practice inhaling. That should keep him busy until he hyperventilates and passes out.

We were treated a slideshow of the operation today - all the way down to the bone. We won't be sharing those pictures - you're welcome.

The sarcoma surgeon stopped in. Right now his lungs are clear and his leg is too, but if it comes back it is almost always the lungs that get hit, so they will scan him in three months and keep scanning, keep watching.

I think we will always be watching.

Thanks for your love and support. Since he's flat on his back for five days, he can't even read a book or an iPad, but I read to him, and he knows you love him.

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Treats said…
Oh my Lord....Rico on bedrest for 5 days sounds like 5 days of bedrest for you or for me. Not an easy thing. I'd ask to be sedated. I hope you can get some sleep, J. I know that doesn't come easy. I hope your pain is well controlled, Rico. I'm so thankful that you're on the other side of the surgery and not waiting any longer. Sending wishes of comfort, sleep and healing for today. xo
Tiffany Talbot said…
I'm so so happy hear a positive outcome. 5 days will be rough but thank goodness you're on the other side of this 7+ hour surgery! Prayers are headed your way, we love you guys out here!!
Juliette/Paul said…
Thank you for sharing! Great news too. Praise God! Your surgeon sounds wonderful and very confident. Your family is a testimony to all of us what unconditional love means.
Lisa McDermott said…
I recommend Pictionary on the white board.
Kathleen Flicek said…
The Fliceks are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers! So so so glad to hear that the surgery is over and was successful! Give Rico a hug for us, and tell him we can't wait to see him without that third wheel! Let us know if you need anything at all! Lots of love!
Corkscrewed said…
Thank you for keeping us all updated the last couple of days. You Certainly went above and beyond! So relieved the surgery went well. Give him a big sloppy kiss for us..... :-)

Ed and Linda
Krista Sorenson said…
Nothing to me is bigger news than "clear margins"--- so thankful to have read that! I am a little disappointed you didn't get to act like Lucille Ball at any point, though. Looking forward to more positive reports from the road to recovery!
j said…
Thank you guys for your notes. They keep us going.
Myrna CG Mibus said…
Rico can follow 150 some racers (especially Owen!) on the tour divide bike race Owen is doing. The website updates each rider's position every three minutes and posts stats etc. It's addictive :-) Plus, if Rico is watching Owen's dot I'll feel like I can have a break from constantly looking for updates. Rico could stay busy and make me feel better all at the same time which would also make you feel better because the 5 days will go more quickly. Kapow!💥