moving along

A full day at Mayo yesterday - three surgeons, a trip to prosthetics and a pathology report.

The sarcoma was 9 cm by 5 cm by 5 cm. The margins were narrow, but clear.

All surgeons agreed that he could ditch the immobilizer, which didn't seem to be helping much anyway, and instead sent him to have a specialty brace made.

With this new development, he'll get to leave the care center and come home - hopefully tomorrow.

There are pros and cons to this.

Pro - He's home.
Con - We have stairs. Not just upstairs downstairs, but "oh you'd like to actually get into the house?" stairs.

Pro - Family dinners.
Con - He's the better cook.

Pro - Night time snuggles.
Con - We are both so terrified that somebody might actually touch that leg, that we may well need Trump construction to come in and build some sort of impenetrable wall right down the middle. So, yeah, no snuggles, but at least we can binge-watch Netflix together.


Treats said…
Home Sweet Home, Rico. You're almost there.
Lisa McDermott said…
I know you're not laughing, but I am - with sympathy. We had Bethel members meet us at our house and carry Tim up the stairs of our tri-level. Who's bright idea was it to buy a tri-level? I'm sure you're asking yourself why you didn't buy a ranch home with a nice zero entry.

Since the bathroom is yet another set of stairs from our living room/kitchen space, I borrowed a commode from someone and it is, sadly, still in our garage. Let me know if you'd like to borrow it from us. Also, the girls knocked into Tim's broken bits about 50 times a day. We joke about it now - something for you to look forward to in 7 years....

Being home is better. Scary, but better.
Corkscrewed said…
Cool. Home is good. Home is better than good. Snuggling is even better. Just stay on the side opposite the leg and you'll work it out.
j said…
Sweet Lord Lisa! At least we have one level once he gets inside. His office was downstairs but we moved it. If I had to carry him to the bathroom three times a day, the whole family would be moving into that care center.

Good plan Corkscrewed - we'll give it a shot.
Corkscrewed said…
I'm sure you will figure it out! LOL!. Much love to you all - Ed & Linda.