Nurse Lori is my go-to for the day. She checks in on Rico's room and checks back with me. We had a six am prep time and an eight am surgery scheduled. Her first report was that surgery didn't actually start until 11.

I feel bad about this, mostly because neither of us were very happy when they wheeled him away at 9:15. If I'd known he was going to be scared and loney for another two hours, I probably would've pulled some sort of "I Love Lucy"-type stunt, dressed like a Russian surgeon and followed him in there.

Everything I've ever been afraid of these past few months is just one floor below me, but everything I've been wishing for is there too. He is absolutely my favorite part of life. I can't wait for his to get better.

The guy in the lone pullout chair just bequeathed it to me since his sister's hip replacement is done. There's a Starbucks across the street. I think I finally got Yoda off of Instagram. So far so good with the surgery - they're on hour two of trying to get that effer off of his bone - and they say he's doing great. But they're serving rattatouie (or however you spell it) in the cafeteria for lunch. Oh well - four out of five ain't bad.


Treats said…
Yoda's Instagram was so entertaining - I hope they gave Rico some sleepy medicine during the delay. I recommend Starbucks but not ratatouille (correct spelling). xoxo
j said…
Starbucks tomorrow. Ravioli from that Italian joint you pointed out tonight. Thanks.
Lisa McDermott said…
None of our surgeries has ever started on time. It's so hard and boring (weird combo) to wait.
Gia DesLauriers said…
Jana -- how do I put into words the many emotions, the spilled tears, the empathy and laughter we've gotten out of everyone of your updates? I wish words brought healing, prayers brought cures, typed messages the same amount of smiles that you bring me and I'm sure many others.

I so admire the creativity, the love, the sense of humor and the "stare down stance" you're making with this awful disease. You all are strong and sensitive, bright and inquisitive and I am SO very, very happy that one summer some 5 years ago our paths crossed during that fun production of "13."

I constantly wonder what I can do. I so badly wish we were neighbors so we could help in a more immediate way so for now we are just sending love. That's all we can do for now but we are sending it because we feel it so strongly when we read these posts and hear your clear voice throughout it all. You're all lucky to have each other. We need you and you need us -- we just have to get creative in finding some way to help!

But in the meantime, much love to you all!

Gia and Claire
j said…
Gia and Claire - we love you guys, and think of you every day - keep up the good fight.