The irony of last summer's events versus June 2016 have not escaped me.

For those who don't know, I spent the beginning of last summer battling an adrenaline depletion caused by my own anxiety, which until May of last year, I thought was completely normal.

It's not.
I mean, it was for me, but it's not how other people function.
Thank God, because it always felt like this:

Even when I acted like this:

But, I digress.
I spent last June learning to meditate, going for long walks, cutting out caffeine, trying yoga, limiting screen time for all of us, trying more organic foods, playing the ukulele, and reminding my brain that worrying wouldn't solve anything, that the world is a good place, that not every bruise was a blood clot, not every fever was cancer.

Took a good four months, but eventually I got the hang of it.

Yeah, this is the $#!+ that Alanis Morissette writes songs about - don't you think?

Oh - that fever was cancer? My bad.
And that bruise is a clot? Well, I'll be damned.
Long walks - we don't get farther than the nurses station.
Limiting screen time? Yoda spent so much time on my phone she figured out how to post her own Instagram, edit videos, and navigate our car to Rochester and back.

On the flip side, the practice did some good, the world is still a good place, and I don't want to walk anywhere without Rico anyway, so I guess we'll be ok.


Myrna CG Mibus said…
I just sent Yoda a friend request on Instagram :-)
The world is still a good place and you are one of the people who reminds me of that both in person and through your blog writing. You're a gem, my cutlery friend.
j said…
You and Treats keep encouraging that kid. Thankfully it's a private account - but if you approve her, you're on your own, heaven knows what types of comments she'll leave.
Lisa McDermott said…
I love that song - it got me through a really tough time. Well, that and some therapy and antidepressants and time and prayer and crying. The girls have watched more hours of "Friends" this summer than I thought humanly possible - all of them will turn out fine. You are a good mom. So does Rico have a clot? If yes, we have a lot of scary experience with that and are sending lots of loving thoughts your way.
j said…
He's had a couple - but so far they've seemed to pass through the drains, and all of the bigger stuff they thought might be trouble clots, have turned out to be something else - so that's good. The girls have good company, Kaia and I watch every night - even though we've seen all of them. Thanks for the good mojo - we're stockpiling as much as we can.