uno, dos, tres

The three musketeers.
Three amigos.
Three stooges.

Whatever it is we call these guys, Rico is at his best when they are together. Frank, Eric and Rico have been hanging out since the 7th grade. They usually spend a summer vacation together and this year, summer vacation is at the nursing home.

They've been here cooking, giving our kids rides, helping him get out of bed and into his wheelchair. They've adjusted his leg brace, hunted down nurses, kept him company through hours of laying in a hospital bed.

We should all be this lucky.


Treats said…
So awesome. Rico obviously has been a good friend to them. I'm sure he'd be there if one of them were sick. I'm thankful Rico isn't eating nursing home food. He looks great, by the way!
Nichole Day said…
That is so fantastic to see! And he does look great! (I bet he's motivated to get out of there in record time :)
j said…
He is!!! We are all motivated for that. But Frank's Itallian leftovers will run out soon, so who knows, that Care Center food might start to look pretty good to Rico after a week of me and mac-n-cheese.
Corkscrewed said…
So cool to see the trio of Crudleys together again. Wish I could have been there!