When Rico first got his diagnosis so many people asked,
"What do you need?"
"How can we help?"

We weren't sure, and truthfully, didn't need much except time to adjust, time to process, time to figure out treatment. But people came to our rescue anyway - with food, cards, prayers, hugs. It was glorious and heartwarming. we felt completely undeserving but so so grateful..

Of course once again we find ourselves in the thick of things beginning next week. Now is when we really need help, and as much as none of us is good at asking for it, we really have no choice right now.

With Rico's surgery being rescheduled, we find our kids needing rides to camps, to jobs, back home, and heaven knows where else. We may also need some overnight help occasionally as well.  The truth is - we're still not sure what we need, but we do know that life will feel like juggling cats while walking on a bed of hot coals.

What is the best way to plan for uncertainty?
We're all a little uncertain about that.


Kelley Bray said…
You can send them all or any out here for the whole summer if you need to!
rylini said…
Hmmm - generous offer, but they need to be back here every morning by about 8 for camp, pre-college stuff and summer jobs. I'm assuming that jet you guys keep in the back yard is out of commission this summer, otherwise, I would be ALLLLLLLL over this. Thank you!