Friday, June 24, 2016


After an emergency trip to the ER - which sounds redundant, but seeing as we asked three different people if we should go get it checked out, all of whom said he was safe for the moment, but that we should double check with the surgeon,  and since the surgeon couldn't get back to us until everything else was closed -we're not sure what to call it. He constituted it as an emergency - we certainly assumed it was one, but maybe not - nobody is really sure anyway.

After an ultrasound and a super strength dilaudid, the ER department ascertained that Rico does not likely have a clot. There is a possibility of infection, but right now it seems that what Rico has is a "seroma".

Don't google it.
Since you're probably going to now, at least make sure your image search is off.

Wikepedia says a seroma is a pocket of clear, serous fluid that can develop in the body after surgery. That's all you need to know - unless you're weird like that - then go ahead . . . .

And if you like that kind of stuff - here's Yoda's allergic reaction to a baby mosquito:

And my possibly broken hand from clapping too hard:

Both of which are completely adorable compared to googling "seroma."
You've been warned.


Treats said...

I'm speechless. Time for you all to catch a break. Hugs.

j said...

Thanks - the hand and the foot will be fine - they both seem to be getting better - so maybe two of us are in the clear.

Myrna CG Mibus said...

You KNOW that if you say not to google something that I will google it, right? Geez. Yucky. Hoping for a sernoma free zone for Rico and no owies for the rest of you.

Lisa McDermott said...

I am definitely not googling seroma.

j said...

Right Lisa? Because you were warned - a couple of times! I'm gonna have to create a worksafe version of this blog just for Myrna . . .