Clear margins.

It means that the radiation hit the right target. They got it out with room to spare - well, maybe.

They did have to peel it from his bone, so they will have to monitor that area carefully, but they got the rest. Sounds like the best surgeon in the world may really be all that.

Rico had to have a piece of stomach muscle removed to replace what they took out. He's got six drains, lots of stitches, significant pain and an epidural.

Nurse Ben: Sounds like everything went really well.
Me:Yeah from what I can tell. What about that bone peeling business? I didn't quite catch all that.
Nurse Ben: Yeah, me neither. He likes to talk over people's heads, but he really is the best guy at his job.
Me: That's what I hear.
Nurse Ben: No I mean it. He's not the best in the area, or the best in Minnesota, or the best in the country. He's the best in the WORLD. The whole world. He's got an ego, but if he says they got it - they got it.

So Ben and I are choosing optimism tonight. Optimism, sleep and pain management.

He's in rough shape, but at least tonight, we have better odds.

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Catherine said…
Tears of joy, J. Tears of joy. And relief.
Corkscrewed said…
Trust Nurse Ben. They are the ones who know.

Clear margins are awesome. So glad to hear that.

Ed and Linda
the mombergs said…
Yay yay yay! Sorry he's so banged up, but I'm sooooooo with Nurse Ben tonight; optimism abounds! Love to you all.
Melanie said…
I can't even. I'm so relieved. Clear margins are amazing words. Everything on me is still so crossed that I can't even walk! xxoo
Lisa McDermott said…
Good news. Yay! Hold on to that during the crappy recovery times. If your sweetie is like mine he might be just a tad bit crabby sometimes. Optimism is a real blessing.
Naomi said…
Yay!!!! Praying for a calm night!