a little help

Sometimes it's hard to ask for help - at least it is for me.
It's even harder, when you don't know what kind of help you need.

It is sort of like that with us right now.
One of us is chronically ill.
Undiagnosably ill.
It feels like if we just had a name for the dragon we could slay it - but there is no name.

Right now it is three months of fevers and headaches and night sweats and weak limbs and fatigue. No specialist can name it, let alone cure it - and there have been several.

So if you know a dragon that sounds like that, and you have a name for it - please share it with us. We'll take all of the help we can get right now.


Treats said…
Uh oh. Suddenly very worried about one of you who shall remain nameless. I'll email you. xo