There are still no answers.

There are symptoms, and they are able to be somewhat treated, but there are no causes, so reasons, no real relief for him.

There is oxycodone for pain. Four medications for blood pressure. Occupational therapy for his arms. A walker for his legs.

He was healthy three months ago. He was body surfing with dolphins and stand-up paddleboarding, he was running bases with neighborhood kids in the park. How does this happen?

The nephrologists are the specialists - they deal in blood pressure, quirks and kinks in that system, and they've said there is no reason for it. So we just keep waiting.


Treats said…
Waiting isn't a strong suit for me. I'm pretty sure it's not for you. I hope today brings some answers. xo
j said…
You are right. Waiting sucks. Waiting three hours in the pharmacy for somebody to straighten out our insurance, have them say "whoops, I guess it does work!" And then have them tell us it will take an additional half an hour to fill, is where we are right now. Poor guy's been sitting in a hospital chair for way too long. He needs a bed.