Getting real tired of your $#!+ 2015.

Spent our first Christmas in the ER. Yoda woke up in the middle of night with stomach pains, the day just kept getting better after that - fever, vomitting, lots of good Christmas cheer.

Reluctantly, we left Rico home and headed to the Children's hospital. Punk and Kooka were already in Wisconsin. Yoda's going home with some Zolfran, Amoxicillin, and a nasty case of strep.

Happy holidays. Let the good times roll.


Treats said…
Oh, for the love of God...2016, get here NOW. 2015 has outstayed it's welcome.
Myrna CG Mibus said…
Seriously? Geez. Not fair at all. Hang in there. Yoda looks a bit ticked off in the picture. I can imagine a picture of you would show a similar expression. Glad she's got meds!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness!! We are sending good happy thoughts your way. I am going with the theory that this means you have gotten all the bad #$!%* out of the way and 2016 will be amazing. We're here for you if you need anything.
Unknown said…
Ha ha! Just realized I posted the above comment with out saying who it is.
Lindsay B.