It would be pretty easy to fall into a pit of despair right now. But the truth is, we are lucky. And in case we have trouble remembering it, I'm leaving this list right here.

We are grateful
 - for doctors and nurses and people who keep searching.
- for the 17 pills Rico takes each day to help him.
- for the neighbors who bring us pots of turkey chili, and fruit, and bread, for the ones who take our kids Christmas shopping, offer to play with Yoda, send us texts to say, "please don't respond unless you need us, but if you do, we're here."
- for the relatives that drive from Wisconsin and offer to do our laundry.
- for snuggly blankets.
- for public school, and the teachers who know our family and our children and give them love and support when their lives seem uncertain and chaotic.
- for funny notes and texts and pictures from everyone to keep Rico's spirits up.
- for our family - born and chosen, who keep giving unconditional support from afar.
- for kids who keep traditions alive and keep the house running when we can't.
- for mochas and tea.
- for the squishy couch we bought in October, never realizing how much we'd be needing it.
- for just a little snow - and the neighbors who shoveled it.
- for Gram, who laid in bed and said, "You guys better take that walker," even when we told her it was ridiculous. "You say that now," she said, "But Rico's gonna need it, and mine is like a limousine."
- for all of your prayers.
- for our kids' friends who love them and watch movies with them, and hug them and keep them sane.
- for Christmas at home - well, except for the part in the ER.
- for the security team at the Children's hospital who made sure Yoda and I were safe during a code green.
- for tips and insight and all of the weird possibilities you guys send us - we need all of the help we can get.
- for a snug, warm home to be together.
- for this being the year that I decided to make an attempt to chill out and meditate and quit caffeine
- for the homemade soaps Kooka gave us for Christmas.
- for the drawing of our family from Punk.
- for those friends that can come into your house and don't feel slighted when you totally ignore them to go take a shower while they entertain your five year old and let the dog out.
- for Ativan - not gonna lie, quite thankful for Ativan.
- for love - we feel surrounded by it, and are so grateful for all of you.


Treats said…
Gratitude gives us all a healthy dose of perspective. That, and Ativan. xo