There are some things worth staying up past your bedtime for. Having your daddy home for Christmas is one of them.

He can't leave the house - he can't even leave the room - but he's here, and he's not in pain and we get to love him as much as he can stand. He'll go back to meet with doctors on Monday. There is still so much to figure out.

All the kids have been wonderful this week, but Kooka has been a regular elf. She has made our home feel like Christmas this week. She made Christmas cheeseballs all by herself, cookies too. She's wrapped presents, read stories, helped with homework and never forgets to turn on the Christmas lights.

We'll keep the updates coming, but for now, we are just hoping for a peaceful night.


Sandy Bradburry said…
So happy to see this. What a wonderful gift :) Hope the road ahead is much smoother and filled with answers and joy :)

Tell Rick the Geissler boys are rooting for him! Merry Christmas.
Treats said…
There is no place like home. The best medicine is people who love you no matter what. Kooka, you are amazing. There is no better gift you could have given your mama. Enjoy each other and your days at home. xo
Cathy Abbate said…
Merry Christmas! Sending you many many hugs and prayers!

Love you
Glenn and Cathy