OK - I'm sorry.
I did tell people that I would post some updates here, so perhaps I should stop treating this like my personal dumping ground for a minute.

Here are the facts:

His blood pressure is still in the 170-180 range unless he stands up then it's back to 190-200. He is taking oral medication now, and is still suffering from extreme headaches. There is some edema in his hands and feet - but the nurses say it's less than they have after a night shift, so he's ok in that regard.

For the first time in three days he was able to eat - some grilled chicken and angel food cake.

He is exhausted. His poor body is working so hard, he is always tired.

I will update more when I can. Sorry for the impersonal format - but he is quite popular and running his fan club is a full-time gig.

Thanks for all of your love.