Today we spoke with the head of Rico's medical team.

We don't even know what to feel. 

On one hand she says that the all x-rays look clear, and nephrology looks good, as does his oxygen level. His blood pressure is relatively stable and he is able to eat and drink.

On the other hand she says, that since he is not in immediate cardiac or respiratory distress, that she cannot keep him here. We would normally take that as a step in the right direction. But then she continues, "Many malignancies present this way, and we are still waiting for results of your histo plasma antigen work up, as well as 15 other tests. In short, you are in a precarious situation, I strongly contend that there is something very wrong with you, but I cannot keep you here."

So for today, we will take him home, wrap him in love and continue the good fight. It's not exactly the Christmas miracle we'd hoped for, but we'll take it.