This is where we wanted to be all along, but now that we are here, it doesn't feel much better.

He is still in ICU - a cardiology ward. The new lines they put in make his blood pressure go up, and he doesn't say much at all. There is a new drug to try, but he seems to resist almost everything. It works a little - at this point 182 seems like a victory.

I do know that some of the kindest, hardest working people I know are nurses at this hospital. It's comforting, but not as comforting as watching Shark Tank with my head on his shoulder.


Treats said…
So good to get an update - wishing there was a magic wand somewhere. It's hard to be patient while they try to figure out where all the puzzle pieces go. It's easier to be the one in the hospital bed - I know this from watching my family too many times. If you're at St. Mary's - wander to the chapel. It's beautiful and a great place to pray, meditate, plead, cry, lay down on a pew where no one can see you. Need anything? A trip to Mayo wouldn't be hard. P.S. Buy a parking pass - it's cheaper, I swear. Love ya, J. Hang in there, Rico. The food at Mayo is terrible, BTW. xo
j said…
I love your commentary, it keeps me sane. We haven't tried the food yet, but yes, we are at St. Mary's. Thanks for making me smile.
David Koenig said…
Jana, I agree on the chapel at St. Mary's. And, we'll all be praying for you here. Please tell Rick that we are praying for him and will do anything to help. - David, Sylvia and Anders
Anthony Becker said…

You and Rick are in our thoughts and prayers. Please contact us directly or through the department and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Tony & Beckie
j said…
Thank you guys. I read everyone's notes to him and they are his favorite part of the day.