not cool

I don't care what anybody says. This place is depressing. 

Yeah, there's a brightly lit atrium, with a grand piano, there are courtyards all over the place, there's a caribou across the street, none of which matters much to a guy who - on a good day - is allowed to sit in a chair for five minutes.

They moved him today. He was originally placed in a surgical ICU ward, which even the nurses admit is a bit of a catch-all spot for critical patients when no other rooms are available. He is not a surgical patient and not recovering in the same manner, so they've moved him.

It's not better.

His new room was likely built in the late 1920's. I can hear the chorus of hipsters from here; "Oh my god, state-of the art is sooooooo mainstream, at least your room has character." 

And it does. I mean, it's cool if you like stuff like haunted prisons, no running water and windows that are painted shut. It creeps me out. And I'm not the only one. "What the hell," were the first words from Rico's lips. "This place needs a serious reno," were his second.

Infectious disease comes in today, then maybe physical therapy to see if he can walk. I think if he had the option he'd run.


Treats said…
Ugh- Rico must be in the room I was transferred to after the ICU at St. Mary's. Depressing isn't quite the word. Hospitals are the worst. Even though Mayo is "The Disney World of Medical Care" it still is awful. The piano in the lobby makes me cry. The artwork on the walls is beautiful but usually I've gotten news that makes me uninterested in anything but getting the hell out of there and the food...YUCK. My mental health does a nose dive after about 4 days in the hospital there. I think my family's mental health does a nose dive with the first intern that walks in with a clipboard. Get better, Rico. You gotta get better and get outta there.

Have you found the hidden nuns, J?

j said…
It was like Disney World all right - the haunted mansion. It was terrifying. I really don't know how he'll sleep in there. I think it was like the crypt-keepers lab or something. He seriously got out of the wheelchair and his slippers were covered in dust bunnies - as was the bottom of his blanket. I think the guys in the next room was watching Hee-Haw, It's like the Twilight Zone.
Treats said…
Ask for a different room. I'm serious. What's the worst thing they can do? Send you home?
Treats said…
You mention snakes....
j said…
I think the rooms are all the same - maybe I can send one of those ninja-like nuns you speak of to check it out for me. I did think I saw one sitting behind a potted plant once, but it was just a lady with a weird hairline. I'll keep looking.